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A exhibiting January

I got 3 of my Japanese ink drawings accepted into the Linden New Art Postcard Exhibition currently on in St Kilda. They are the top 3 artworks above, the mug, the onion and the tomato. Beautifully framed by Matt at CS framing. Its a pity they are on a black wall in a narrow alcove, but hey I'm happy that they are in.

A series of small photography jobs nothing of any great creativity, I also spend a bit of time shooting for myself in my studio doing Macro from 1:1 to 5:1 times magnification of botanicals, a dandelion, some of which can be seen in my personal work section.

I ran a number of photography free workshops during the month and went on a Photography well being evening organised by Craig Wetjen on 8th Jan in Sti Kilda. A lot of fun as we go 10 people turn up. Theme of the evening was shadows and you can see some of my work in Street section of my folio. I decided to shoot n my Hasselblad with a 50mm lens and used zone system metering, It's still super sharp.

Reading : New Scientist about going to Mars

Watching : Season 10 of the Walking Dead

Listening : Queen

Eating : Pineapple


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