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Talking Shops, Exhibition by Tatiana Scott, Nov 2023

On 19.11.23 I went to the opening of Talking Shop exhibition opening at Glen Eira City Council Gallery in Caulfield by my photographer friend Tatiana Scott. About 100 people turned up with good food and wine, a nice break from working on my Masters on Sunday to come down and support a fellow photographer. Good photography is a about consistency, anyone can get lucky and take a good shot but to do it again and again over a body of work takes talent and skill. A great documenting of the shops, stories, people and portraits of the life of shops in Glen Eira. If you're interested in great photography, people, portraits, history and stories then well worth it. I believe the exhibition is open till January 2024.

Reading : Robert Silverberg Short Stories Vol 4

Watching : Alien Covenant

Listening : Bludging on the blindside

Eating :Tumeric & Garlic in things

Drinking : Beetroot juice


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