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"Shadow Yoga is a wonderful discipline. I have been doing Yoga for 25 years and have been at Yoga Moves for the last 17 years, its my anchor in life, my compass."

Yoga is for anyone interested in the general upliftment of the human individual. The cultivation of Yoga develops vitality and strength. It detoxifies the blood and internal organs, improves the immune system, helps eliminate stress, enhances mental alertness and clarity, and reverses the degenerative process allowing us to live a longer life.

‘Ha’ represents sun or “male” energy and ‘tha’ represents the moon or “female” energy. The conjunction is Yoga. Hatha Yoga then is the name given to the technical practices and disciplines by which the body and the vital energies can be brought under control.

Yoga Moves is a Shadow Yoga School where dedicated teachers guide students to their full potential. Classes range from beginner to advanced levels. Yoga Moves offers holiday immersions as well as workshops with visiting teachers. (Yoga Moves website)


Bayside Refugee Advocacy Support Association


The Association is an independent, local community group of people in the Southern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.


We aim to raise awareness in our local area of the issues faced by asylum-seekers in Australia and its overseas detention centres in Nauru and Manus Island.


  • Organise local events, e.g. speakers, films, cultural displays etc to raise awareness.

  • Hold monthly meetings

  • Visit the Broadmeadows detention centre (MITA) every six weeks and speak with some of the detainees.

  • Write letters to politicians

  • Take part in programs that offer practical help for asylum-seekers who live in the community, e.g.with learning English, accessing community support,e.g. medical, legal and other services, and liaison with Government departments.

  • (BRASA website)


"Get involved with your local branch and stand up for human rights."

Together we can work to prevent torture, protect the rights of women and girls and provide a brighter future to children fleeing from war and destruction. Your donation will create long-lasting impacts that support human rights in Australia and around the world.

Where wars erupt, suffering and hardship invariably follow. Conflict isn’t just about death – it is a breeding ground for mass human rights violations, including torture, disappearances and imprisonment without charge. We need to be there, to help expose lies, demand justice, and save lives.

The world’s most vulnerable people need your help. We are a movement of ordinary people from around the world standing up for humanity and human rights. (Amnesty website.)

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