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"I have engaged Guy Little from Guy Little Photography on 3 separate occasions to photograph my kids. What I love about Guy (and one of the reasons I have been a return customer ) is that he is a true professional. He was able to put me and the subject matter ( my children ) at ease. I first used Guy in 2012 when he took some truely amazing shots of my 2 small children on Mordialloc beach. The light he managed to capture as the sun sunk towards the sea was beautiful. I have had many comments on this series of photos. Now in 2020 and in-between everything else this year, Guy shot my now older children again. My daughter lives for basketball so to the court we went where he captured her in her ‘natural habitat’ perfectly. My son wanted to try some more stylised shots indoors in Guy’s studio. Guy spent time making sure we were happy as it was the first time my son had had this kind of experience. Guy goes above and beyond to make sure not only the customer is happy but that Guy himself is happy with what he has produced. I highly recommend Guy as he is thorough and his attention to detail is outstanding. "


Sarah J.

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"I only just found out today, that the Guardian article was published on 3/10/2020 ...and look at THAT photo, larger than life!  You are a maestro."

Sonya Tsakalakis

"Guy is uniquely creative, very gifted, both in drawing and photography, who is genuine, open, honest and caring. He is reflective, has an eye for quirky detail and his drawings promote comment and discussion. He is hugely inspiring, great company and I have been very fortunate to watch him create some of his work for his "Rites of Passage" series to be exhibited in 2014. It is a joy to see the world through his eyes."

Jenny Oakley

"Guy has shot a couple of projects for me for my business. His attention to detail and to the brief were excellent on both occasions, and the creativity he brought to the table produced results well beyond what I envisaged. Having also viewed his work in exhibitions, the work he creates across various subject ranges is quite stunning.I would highly recommend Guy for any field of photography."

Sally Head

I have engaged Guy for both corporate photography jobs and photography for my various business websites in the past. Guy is highly professional and nails the brief every time. He’s easy to work with, makes people feel at ease and thinks outside the square to produce stunning photography. Guy is the ultimate creative with a multitude of expertise gained from years in the industry. He is a skilled photography/creativity mentor and teacher and a highly regarded artist. I highly recommend him to you.

Danette O'Brien

'Between 2005-2008, whilst studying at RMIT, Guy provided me with not only guidance and support but critique and encouragement. Whether technical or artistic support, Guy was always on hand with words of wisdom and often humour to support not only myself but also those studying alongside me. Over the years I have frequently thought back on his words of wisdom when facing not only professional but creative hurdles, and to this day have some of his notes of direction prominently displayed for daily reflection. Guy's mentorship has helped me not only hone my own photographic path, but also challenge myself philosophically to further enable me to explore my own creativity and artistic process.'

Naomi Dixon


262 Beach Rd
Black Rock, 3193



0414 927 967

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