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Workshops: Welcome

92 successful 1 on 1 photography mentorings run so far.

36                                                          star ratings

Hear what some of the participants have said below.

Workshops: Clients

                               1 on 1 mentoring sessions 2024

I've taught how to run a photographic business for over 10 years at RMIT University in the Diploma of Photo Imaging program and for 2 years currently at Photography Studies College (PSC) in the Advanced Diploma 



"Between 2005-2008, whilst studying at RMIT, Guy provided me with not only guidance and support but critique and encouragement. Whether technical or artistic support, Guy was always on hand with words of wisdom and often humour to support not only myself but also those studying alongside me. Over the years I have frequently thought back on his words of wisdom when facing not only professional but creative hurdles, and to this day have some of his notes of direction prominently displayed for daily reflection. Guy's mentorship has helped me not only hone my own photographic path, but also challenge myself philosophically to further enable me to explore my own creativity and artistic process.'" - Naomi Dixon

"I loved working in a guided studio environment with Guy. After many years of teaching, he is fantastic at explaining while entertaining and not overloading beginner's with information. I truly appreciated how he sought out my point of view and creative input. He made me feel like my opinion was valued which in turn helped to feed my desire to learn. He is an extremely encouraging teacher. I find his balance of information and creativity to be perfect for me as a beginner. To push myself to learn more while remembering that I began this journey to have fun." - Arielle Bateman

Having taught and advised students creatively for 22 years at RMIT University Photo Imaging  and a award winning professional photographer for 39 years, I'm familiar with the places that students and photographers tend to get blocked photographically or creatively.

The sessions can be tailored to suit the individual, and can be done face to face over the phone or on Zoom or could involve a combination of both with ongoing support. It might involve a sight visit to see your set up and look at gear and studio set up. It's entirely up to you.


Some past mentorship topics I have covered are


- looking and seeing

- invoicing and terms

- pricing

- copyright and licencing

- dealing with difficult clients

- digital workflow

- creative blocks

- how to create your own style

- how to develop work in a new direction

- confidence, motivation and passion

- being more creative while under pressure

- folio assessment 

- entering awards                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Investment $125 per hour

Call 0414 927 967              To book in a time                                                              



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