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Professional Photography Melbourne 
Film B&W Processing,
Photo Restoration &

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After co running the photographic lab for the Federal Police in Sydney for 8 years and have been scanning, B&W processing and photo restoring for clients for the last 36 years. I am confident I can meet your expectations with personalised 1 on1 service. For client reassurance I have insurance to cover goods / artwork in my custody up to $250,000.

Turnaround time is generally 3 days




Scanning of colour negatives and transparencies / slides and B&W. In formats from

35mm to medium format 6 x 4.5, 6x6, 6x7, 6x8, 6x9, 6x12 & 5x4

High res 20mb +tif file scan

Supplied on clients USB

Discount for bulk scanning

Cost $10 for ea 35mm, 120 or 5x4.


B&W Film Processing

Professional B&W film processing, 35mm 120 and 5x4.

Cost is $17 per 35mm roll, 120 or 5x4 sheet for process and sleeve.


Photo Restoration

Contact us for a quote.

Discount given to bulk. 


Copywork of artwork & sculpture

Having copied artwork for Art Galleries (incl The Ballarat Art Gallery) and auction houses. Used to dealing with frames in glass and using colour & grey scales and passport checker. 

Contact us for a quote.

Discount given to bulk. 

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