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If you want to improve your creativity, to be able to move from 2 dimensional to 4 & 5 dimensional thinking, use right and left brain techniques, go from literal to the figurative approaches, develop more meaning / spiritual dimension to your work, cultivate abstraction, understand how important wit is in creativity, learn how counter-productive perfectionism is to creativity, discover what character traits and attitudes most foster creativity, to utilise intellectual, emotional and intuitive ways more creatively and many more…..

I have compiled a 2021 Guy’s creative reading list for $4.99 on my website to assist many on your journey. Not a definitive list but one that I have spent the last 45 years researching, collecting, studying, collating and reading. These books are leading texts in their given areas and in my opinion are life changers.

The 2021 edition contains an added extra this year with 3 new pages of my own personal notes on selected texts in blue. Your complete reading list, 7 pages and 120 categorised reading references. From photography, creativity, psychology, philosophy, history, art, literature, men’s and woman’s issues, business, & money, history, leadership, health & wellbeing, sales, science, self-development, spirituality and more. I have a wholistic view of creativity having lectured in it at RMIT University for 22 years. The greater you’re reading and interest in more things the easier creativity will be.


2021 Guy's Creativity & Reading List

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