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A wet and wonderful June

Danette © 2017 from Love Your Calm

Been shooting a number of portraits (above) and quoting this month. Shot a damaged classic car for insurance purposes. I've been working on a number of pitches for video projects at present, see if they come off. Spent some time designing some business cards and web design for a client. Shot for Melbourne University Medical Conference at the Meblourne Convention Centre and working on wall prints for domestic client with printing done at CPL, once again thanks Darren for all your help.

Went to a Melbourne School of Life event at the NGV by Dr Saamdu Chetri on Gross National Happiness. A great discussion on how Bhutan since 1972 has their Gross National Happiness project for the whole country and what we can learn from the nationwide approach. One of his many ideas that I liked to reduce wastage and to encourage people to think of the environment, was that in some restaurants in Germany you are charged for wasting food, left uneaten on your plate.

Booked in for a Japanese Ink Painting Workshop at the NGV with Japanese artist Junko Azukawa in September and a lecture on framing and conservation practices at the NGV with Senior Conservator Holly McGowan-Jackson in August. Looking forward to both events.

Been working on organising a 2 night event at Ted's on Elizabeth St in the City with Canon and Ted's on macro photography, speed lights, location shooting and photography business lectures by Canon and Ted's masters. Catered for about 150 people of the two days. More information on my blog coming up in July.

Reading : The Masks of Time by Robert Silverberg

Raising Girls by Steve Biddulph

Sleepers of Mars by John Wyndham

Watching : Gotham

Listening : Interstellar soundtrack by Hans Zimmer

Eating : Strawberry Quark

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