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PH0701 Positions & Practice December W 10 - W11 2021 CRJ

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W10 Topic 10 : Reflection, Photography, Power & Others

Reflect on the "triangle" model in relation to your own practice; do you feel that there is any kind of imbalance in terms of the relationship between the three corners?

I think dealing with the triangle model mainly applies to photojournalisst. Generally your trying to portray a relative notion of truth. As a commercial industrial photographer I am about making something look good or a particular way. I am not trying to pass my work off as being true. I don't lie or try and misrepresent my work in anything that it isn't. All art, film and TV is manipulation and photography is no different. But its only an issue if you lie about image manipulation. Photography was just as manipulative in the darkroom age as in photoshop.

Think about any previous experiences out shooting : have there been any moments when you felt that what you were doing, or had done, was unjust or inappropriate? If so, what prompted this?

Having shot for clients, my shooting has a purpose, so people and situations have been set up or created or enabled and permissions sought to shoot. Releases have been sought and signed to shoot. I was taught to shoot first and think about it later, and on some occasions have decided not to publish with the wisdom of hindsight. You don't need a moral dilemma at the time of shooing as you won't get the shot. This requires time after the shot.

What did this experience teach you about your approaches, both practically and conceptually?

Experience has taught me to not put myself in harms way, respect someone's privacy and if they ask mye to stop shooting or do not wish to be photographed then I stop and respect their boundaries. I ask if I can photograph someone and if they decline then I respect that. And if unsure take the shot and think it through very carefully afterwards. I feel I have a good moral compass in regards to checking myself. I always ask myself what is the HUMAN think g to do , not the money fame or business thing to do. this has served me well.

WIP 02 Progression of one of my food ideas, 2021 ©

W11 Topic 11 : Reflection, After Photography

Has image manipulation ever been a significant part of your practice - professional or otherwise? Have you ever questioned this? do you have a particular stance?

Image manipulation is all about photography, viewpoint, exposure, lens, DOF, focus point, etc etc and then there is photoshop. All art is manipulation. Its always been part of my practice. and I've never questioned it. However I don't work in the news or as photojournalist where there needs to some semblance of truth. It's about DOES it suit your idea and don't mis represent yourself or your work with it.

Have you ever consciously contrasted an image, or a squennce of images, to try to portray a persuasive positive impression, maybe market a product or construct a reality you were not entirely a ease with? Did you learn anything through that experience.

The images I have included in this months entry are all set up and photoshopped. I see nothing working with this and have been doing tis for decades and don't lie or try to hide it.

Have you ever, as Sontag put it, "designed events to be photographed"? Have you ever been aware that your presence with a camera, had a direct influence on a turn of events which might otherwise not have happened?

Wedding and portraiture is all about staging a set up. I prefer to shoot weddings in a photojournalistic style and not pose. Mainly as it disrupts the natural flow of energy and people. I've just learned to shoot very fast and adapt quickly and my anticipation is very good. After you shoot hundreds of weddings you can pretty daily predict when most people will react in a certain way. Commercial industrial and advertising is all about staging photographs and setting things up and I'm ok with that.

Reading : Another inspirational book by Kate James.

Watching : Blindsopt

Listening : J.S.Bach cello concertos

Eating : Broccoli pesto


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