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PH0702 Informing Contexts January W2 2022 CRJ

One of my food shots, Capsicun, WIP images . 2022 ©

W2 Topic 2 : Authentication / Representation

"In the Photograph, the power of authentication exceeds the power of representation." Roland Barthes (1980:89)

Consider what you think Roland Barthes (1980:89) means by this, Do I agree?

One of the problems I have with Roland Barthes apart from being unfriendly to read is that he is not a photographer. Many of the art critics are not photographers, Sontag is another one. People who have come from money and privilege who do not ave the slightest idea of what a photographer does to survive and compromise in their practice, the choices that are made and sacrifices that are made, the balance between commercial and private work. Barthes is very concerned about trace and evidence. It's a past look at photography, its not particularly interested in the present or the representational, I would argue if he lacks visual creativity then he would struggle with seeing photography in the now or what it represents. Does he ever mention fun, the sheer enjoyment of just shooting and not overthinking things, to get lost in your subject. Clearly he's too stuck in his intellect to have fun. So no I don't agree with his premise, one is neither more or less important than another. Authenication is in the past and representation is in the future and neither deals the NOW of photography.

Reflect on any ways in which you feel your work might "authenticate"and / or represent.

My work has elements of both authenicate and representative and the present. I am not so concerned with fitting into a box. I suppose art meets a number of needs. I think originally it was escape and to gain parental approval. It became for me confused with love. Its more




expressing my inner world



Identify any approaches / practices / practitioners that specifically resonated with you.

- I've been looking a lot lately into he work of Gregory Crewdson. He is a construtavist like me. Well at least what I am trying to do in my Masters.

Outline / summerise your independent research (eg interview or reviews of relevant practice / readings. ).

- I've ordered "Uncanny" by Sigmund Freud to hopefully help with the uncanny aspects of my work.

Evaluate the development of your own photographic practice to date.

- Well am I mirrow or window.

- made or taken

- or a synthesis or a selection

- authenticate or representation

Reflect on the peer / tutor feedback received on your current / future practice.

- its between agreed with my self and Paul that I'll do 3 versions of the food deconstructed and then we can have a look and make a decision of which avenue to progress down, Gem in the Symposium Crit has also confirmed this as a good idea.

What are your action points? Where are you going next?

- Well my Plamps and articulated arms arrived from B&H and my new background has arrived. a red blue background from Clotsutuio.

Reading : Art can help by Robert Adams

Watching : Vikings Valhalla

Listening : JS Bach

Eating : Pea pesto


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