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PH0702 Informing Contexts January W4 2022 CRJ

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W4 Topic : Interrogating Photographs REFLECTION

"There is one lesson we can learn from photographs. Images exist not to be believed but to be interrogated." (Grunberg. 1999 :273)

Do photographs exist in their own right or as something to be interrogated, worked out, like a crime scene, to work out what had happened here. Much of commercial photography is about just existing, it needs no interrogating, it is a car etc.

Consider the intent of your own practice, has it changed?

I think while my aesthetic has become more instinctual my work has become more constructed by nature. As I rebuild myself then my work rehires the same rebuilding as it is an expression of my self.

Reconsider the visual / technical / conceptual strategies you use to achieve this intent.

Its great working tethered as I try and set my values within 1.5 +/- stops.

Identify any approaches / practices / practitioners that specifically resonated with you.

Thomas Demand, Gregory Crewdson, Skogland and I need to look at the work of Fredicks.

Outline / sumerise your independent research (eg interview or reviews of relevant practice / readings. ).

Looking at books on paper sculpture and the work of the photographer Kinke.

Evaluate the development of your own photographic practice to date.

I am identifying my work more and more as the following

- mirror

- made

- synthesis

- representation

- constructed

- well my commercial work is existual in nature but my personal work is more constructivist.

Reflect on the peer / tutor feedback received on your current / future practice.

I need to look more on drawing as a way of knowing. Where does this come from as a notion?

What are your action points? Where are you going next?

Setting up to do a 3rd version of my food, this one as a flat lay translucence version. The onion. I'm trying t work out how to combine a flat lay translucent with a 3D approach.

Reading : Art can help by Robert Adams

Watching : Netflix documentary on Boeing

Listening : cello

Eating : prawns


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