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A intriguing March

Well the modification of my super wide 5x4 pinhole is finished, I've marked out the AOV on the camera itself as you can see above and use this as a viewfinder and 5x4 film has been ordered and has arrived. I also purchased a pinhole body cap for my Hasselblad at f128 with an equivalent focal length of 40mm with an AOV of 68 degrees. Can't wait for a test run over the Easter break, idea all worked out as I'm working with a poet, trying to visualise their words. Excited.

I went out to McClelland Sculpture Park & Gallery in Langwarrin for an afternoon and really enjoyed wandering around the gardens looking at sculpture. For me good sculpture at a distance must intrigue, interest me. I need to be drawn over to it, to interact with it, touch it, to want walk around it and contemplate it, explore my feelings about it. I'm reminded of the Australian Paul Cox film "Man of Flowers", paraphrasing, "a sculpture has to be something you want to touch."

I also like sculpture that interacts with its surroundings, like great architecture its site specific, it moves, makes sounds, captures the light and so forth. Well worth the trip.

I also went to the NGV Ian Potter Gallery at Federation Square, I always enjoy looking at indigenous art, I find it inspiring, I'm reminded of Pollack and Rothko, there were also some nets and woven bags which I found particularly beautiful.

A lot of quoting and proposal work done this month for future projects. Worked on a proposal to do a joint exhibition with fellow photographers Bryce Dunkley, Deborah Dorman and Arrayah Loyd at BACC Gallery in Brighton for 2018

And most importantly I've got back into playing table tennis, bring it on. :-).

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