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An athletic April

Little_G_Mornington Peninsula National Park © 2017.

Went for a holiday for a few days down the Mornington Peninsula and took the above image. I felt I was at the edge of a volcano crater at the ocean and so shot the water with this in mind.

Work continues on my book, I went to the opening of Show of Hands Exhibition at Manningham Art Gallery where a few photographer friends of mine were part of a group show.

I organised a workshop for RMIT Photo Imaging on flash on location sponsored and run by Michael Marlborough from Kayell. Went through Godox, and Elinchrom Ranger and Quadra kits.

Also went to 7 different acts for the Melbourne Comedy Festival and find it interesting and very relevant from a creative point of view watching stand up comedy, its very similar to photography. You have to adapt to what is around you and improvise. Think on your feet.

I went to Manyung Gallery in Sorrento and saw some beautiful sculpture, I always like the notion of balance with sculpture, in or out of balance and there were some excellent examples of that in Sorento. And of course while I was there I had the famous vanilla slice, $7.50 a slice, good but you need to have a lie down afterwards.

I also went to MRPG Mornington Regional Peninsular Gallery which I always enjoy visiting. There was an exhibition there, Stephen Mushin: Plan A / Plan B, which I found fascinating, unorthodox inventions to save the world of sketches and 3D models. Often with great humour, a steampunk somewhat view of whales and polar bears incorporating machinery.

Reading : Cerebus : Book 1, by Dave Sim

Watching : The Walking Dead

Listening : Ex Machina soundtrack

Eating : Vanilla slice

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