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Ted's Canon Photography Macro & Business Event on August 7th & 8th, 2017.

Here is the upcoming Ted's, Canon and RMIT Photo Imaging event I've been working on organising. Special thanks to Teresa Marino from Ted's and Tony Steele from Canon and the Canon team, Kim, Scott & Nada and Peter Iorlano from Manfrotto for all their hard work in making this happen. All the camera equipment was provided by Canon and RMIT Photo Imaging. Practical shooting workshops went for 30 minutes each on the following assignments :

- Architecture on location in the city.

- Shooting a motorbike in a laneway

- Portrait

- Macro close up photography of live animals, including a snake, gekko, lizard, baby crocodile and a tawny frogmouth.

- Street portraiture using speed lights and ST-E3-RT's.

Images were then outputed directly from SD cards to Canon printers and then laid out and judged by a panel and prizes awarded.

The whole event was live streamed for Teds website around the world and the event was video'd and students were interviewed vox pop style on how they found it and what they learned.

Special thanks to professional photographers Ian van der Wolde and Danielle Carter for doing the two guest lectures and the following practical workshops. Ian on shooting a motorbike with Canon speedlights and ST-E3-RT in a city laneway and Danielle on portrait photography with newborns, babies kids and adults.

Canon kindly catered for all at Grilled for both nights. Always love a burger.

Some images below of the event, a great success with over 100 people who attended over the 2 nights.

Some of the prints on display.

Shooting a live Tawney Frogmouth on the night using Canon 600EX11 speed light and Canon ST-E3-RT.

Some of the many attendee's on the Monday night.

Some of the images shot on Canon and printed on Canon professional printers on the night.

Some of the many professional photography Canon gear for use on the night.

Well a softbox fell on my head. ?? Photo Sheridan Rothwell.

Well I got roped in to do some video of the evening.

Photo Sheridan Rothwell.

Holding a shot of me taken on the fly on the night. Photo : Leah & Koreigh.

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