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Masters reflection Dec 2023

After looking at some of my past trauma while doing my Masters I've been reflecting a lot on wathchbing both my parents pass on the same . I picked up my camera as my way of dealing with it. As I'm conscious upon the quoteby Jessie Stephens that "grief needs to move". And how you move that is up to you. I asked my brother and sister if it was ok fro me to photograph the end as my way of dealing with it and they both said yes. Here are some of the images, I have reframed from including the literal images and only included the figurative ones below and that by doing my masters on this past has helped me to let a bit more of it go and I'm grateful for that. While writing this I'm listening to, "Its too late" by Carol King and I think that says it all.

Mum & dad passing 01 2020 Guy Little©

Mum & dad passing 02 2020 Guy Little©

Mum & dad passing 03 2020 Guy Little©

Mum & dad passing 04 2020 Guy Little©

Reading : Christmas cards

Watching : John Wick 4

Listening : New Order

Eating : sour things

Drinking : orange kombucha


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