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Submitted Masters MA Photography to Falmouth University UK Dec 2023

Set up for the last shoot of the rubric cube and the miniture house I made.

On the copystand to document the final prints for the folio.

Major PHEW. Finally submitted my Masters MA in Photography to Falmouth University in the UK by trasmitting my PDF friday nighth 15th Dec about 7:35pm with about 4:30 hours to spare. I designed the layout in InDesin and it ended up being 89 pages all up. Just like to give a big shout out to the pelpole below whose support and ear was of great help.


Thanks to all below for their support during my Masters.

Glenn Porter for all those endless phone conversations talking through ideas

Krystal Seigerman for inspiring me to be better

Dani Watson for your fortitude

Gianluca Carretta for being as solid as a rock

Kerry Pryor for your courage

Danette O’Brien for your wisdom

Peter Leaver for your meaningful conversations

Tatiana C C Scott for understanding my work better than I do myself

Tania Sferopoulos for your perceptiveness and energy

Nathan Larkin Print Master for helping me through 3 print runs

Alison Belcher for great research support

Suzie Blake for your great humour, respect, style and support

Ollie & Kat for saving my hard drive

Daniel Boetker-Smith for some great drawing references

Anthony Polis for pumping up anybody’s tires

Simon Whitick for your attention to detail and persistence

Kate Danford-Storey for your insightful remarks

Marylou Verberne for your insightfullness

Jennifer Shaw for your honesty


Falmouth University

Wendy McMurdo

Paul Clements

Steph Cosgrove

Gem Toes-Crichton

Jesse Alexander

Colin Pantil

Anthony Prothero


And to my brother Jonathon Little

Reading :The Disposessed by Ursula leGuin

Watching : Trying to find something Sci Fi on Netflix

Listening : Bludging on the Blindside

Eating : Spinach

Drinking : Orange Juice


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