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In Margaret River, WA for April

Little_Guy_Margaret River maze WA©01 2018

A quiet to average month with a few jobs done hiring my studio and gear out to other photographers this month and shooting small client jobs.

I entered one of my Japanese ink brush paintings in the Mornington Peninsular Regional Gallery 2018 National Works on Paper award.

So hopefully I may get chosen to exhibit. Announcement is on 27th April. Fingers crossed. :-).

Unfortunately I was unsuccessful on this occasion, but there is always next year.

A busy time travelling and shooting in and around Margaret River, WA.

Upon my return to Melbourne I went and did a Botanical Illustration workshop at NGV with the illustrator Mali Moir to aid my drawing, covering topics of scaling, working to a grid, how to accurately measure botanicals and shading.

It was a good opportunity to concentrate on joy scribble technique working up from hard to soft pencils. Slowly building up layer upon layer. The aspect that I got the most out of was scaling working to a grid and transferring the outline using tracing paper on the the final watercolour paper.

Not how I usually work, as I start onto final paper and scale up using hand eye coordination. I need to work more with a kneadable rubber, in previous efforts I have found it leads to smudging if not used carefully.

Little_Guy_©01 2018

Little_Guy_©01 2018

Reading : Og Mandino, The Greatest Salesman in the World

The Greatest Salesman in the World Part II The End of the Story

Watching : Liverpool on its winning run

Listening : Animals by Pink Floyd

Eating : Yarra Valley Persian Fetta

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