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A Holiday June


Image of a Long Nosed Bandicoot in Margaret River, its native name is a Quanda. I was feeding it oatmeal which it likes. Bigger than a rat a big one can get to the size of a cat.

I took some time out to have a holiday to see my parents in WA, to watch the World Cup and the Tour de France. Go Australia, Japan, Belguim and England in the Cup and hopefully this is the year for Ritchie Port.

Unfortunately none of my tips for the World Cup or the Tour de France won through, oh well there is always next years tour and the next World Cup 4 years away. I did enjoy watching Belgium play, I love watching attacking style of football. I feel endless passing and dominating possession kills the game.

Reading : Night Probe by Clive Cussler

Watching : World Cup & Tour de France

Listening : Paolo Nutini

Eating : Papayan & pineapple

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