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A Studio & Location Workshop December

Roberto Pettinau © 2018

Shot an outstanding portrait on the day above.

“The Canon and Ted’s shooting day was a very fun and insightful experience. We were invited to use the newest and even un-released canon equipment, and taught new techniques both on location and in studio with numerous models. Thanks to Guy Little for organising this collaboration between RMIT and Ted’s Cameras with the Canon Collective.” Roberto Pettinau. Dec 2018.

Worked as one of one the organisers for the Canon, Ted's and RMIT Photo Imaging event held at RMIT in Sept and in December.

Many thanks to all the wonderful hard work and support from Teresa Marino from Ted's and Mia McKenzie from Canon and of course the guest speakers.

A cityscape award was given to a number of winning students who won a day in the studio and on location with professional photographer Neal Walters, along with model Natasha Heal, dancer Olivia Paine and MUA Debra Kelly the event was fully catered by Canon, who put on a great spread. Oliva Paine did ballet in the streets of Carlton and Debra Kelly did some outstanding out there makeup on Natasha Heal in the studio.

Reading : To open the sky by Robert Silverbverg

Watching : Westworld Season 2

Listening : SBS Chill

Eating : Pork & fennel sauage roll

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