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A Workshop June

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Well I reached 10,000 mark in connections in LinkedIn in June, I'm still waiting for the avalanche of job opportunities,

:-). I seem to get a few post production people looking for my business.

Working on a few big quotes that unfortunately did not go ahead due to client issues and timing.

Went and did a Broncolor : Lessons in light workshop at Sunstudios by Simon Everiss. Teathering using Siros L 400, Scoro, Para 88 and LUPO LED. Shooting a ballerina while jumping looking at freezing motion, delay interval sequence and rear curtain flash. Working on reducing the output by a few stops to increase sharpness at 200% in Capture v12.

Reading : To Live Again by Robert Silverberg

Watching : Star Trek Enterprise

Listening : Bruce Spingsteen

Eating : Potato, sausage and vegetable bake

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