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A Cold July

A friend of mine Erin Davis Hartwig was in a group show on landscape photography of North East Victoria. Details above to see some great landscape from a different perspective. Well worth the visit. Contact Erin on mobile 0419 390 088 for more information.

Did a number of portraits and small commercial jobs for clients online and quoted on some illustration work.

Went and did a Kayell workshop on Lacie storage and data backup on July 18th. A good tight workshop evening on storage and RAID options. I was particularly impressed with the LACIE DJI Copilot portable drive that contains a screen and SD slot. so no more card readers, and you can manage storage space etc on a screen on the drive. I have a number of LACIE drives of various sizes and have never had a problem with them.

On July 24th I went to another Kayell workshop on Creative lighting using the Godox V1 & AD200. I was particularly impressed with the V1 and its range of acessories that snap onto the front of the V1 by magnets with ease. Saw a good set up using slits in gobos and using a sheet of acrylic and spraying water on it while shooting through it doing a portrait of a model.

Reading : To be Human by New Scientist

Watching : Nightflyers

Listening : John Lee Hooker

Eating : Roast chicken & vegetables

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