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A Nikon,Ted's, RSL & RMIT Photo Imaging August

Along with Ted's Cameras, RSL of Victoria and Nikon I helped organise a talk by Kate Geraghty from The Sydney Morning Herald and her award winning work at RMIT University for Photo Imaging. The talk was very well received and about 80 people turned up. Kate gave a very passionate and engaging presentation of what working around the world in conflict zones is like and answered questions. Some interesting discussions ensured about impartiality and censorship, and the psychological cost.

Dr Robert Webster, RSL Victorian State President gave an excellent introduction on the background and history of the RSL in Australia and Victoria on some of the issues that returned servicemen and woman encounter.

Thanks to all the following who helped make this a success.

Teresa Marino Ted's Cameras

Julie Kimpton Nikon

Tony Steele Nikon

Gregor Reid Ted's Cameras

Jessica Antcliff RSL Victoria

Dr Robert Webster, Victorian State President of RSL

Kate Geraghty Sydney Morning Herald

Reading : Art History

Watching : Another Life

Listening : Everything but the Girl

Eating : Salmon & quinoa

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