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Ryobi + One LED vrs Lowel GL - 1 Power LED

Well on 25th Wed Sept professional photographer Tim Turner and I decided to have a light shoot out at 10 paces in the studio between my Ryobi and Tim's Lowel. Read below to find out who won.

1. Power - winner Ryobi

Ryobi LED

full power f11.7 @ 1/4 ISO 100

min power f2.8.8 @ 1/4 ISO 100

Lowel GL-1 full power f4.6 @1/4 ISO 100

At full power the Ryobi LED is +3.1 stops more powerful.

2. Colour Temperature - winner Lowel as usually to light things in the background you want them warm and not cold to neutral.

Ryobi LED 5500 degrees Kelvin

Lowel GL - 1 2800 degrees Kelvin

3. Price - winner Ryobi

Lowel GL - 1 Power LED $499.60 USD $738.73 + freight and duty. Available at B&H.

Ryobi LED Light & Battery/charger $232 available at Bunnings.

4. Light Variability - Winner Lowel

Ryobi LED two setting high and low.

Lowel GL - 1 spot and flood rotating at the front to vary the diameter distance.

5. Build / Construction - winner Ryobi

Ryobi LED sturdy and feels strong

Lowel GL - 1 just doesn't feel and sturdy as the Ryobi.


The Ryobi LED wins 3 to 2, mainly on price and power which is considerable. The added advantage is that if you use the Ryobi One Plus system the same battery can be used for over 100 odd power home handyman tools. I really liked the Lowel variable spot and flood and the warmer colour temperature which were bigs pluses. You could also fit light filters like Lee over both light sources if you wished though none had any facility to accommodate this.

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