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A 5x4 February

After I had modified my Linhof Master Technica 2000 5x4 I took it out for a few test drives and shot a whole pile of 5x4. Made a trip to Listerfield lake and shot 4 sheets. The biggest issue has been getting used to the MOD 54 I bought which enables you to process 6 sheets of 5x4 in a Patterson tank. Its a load that takes a bit of practice. Currently I can confidently do 4 at a time, or 8 at time if I run two tanks at the same time. I managed to get a GraLab timer from the USA and then had to get a voltage convertor to run it, runs fine, I still think this is the best darkroom timer there is, unfortunately I couldn't find one here is Australia. But hey that's what B&H is good for, if all else fails.

Reading : Biography on Andreas Feininger

Watching : BBC crime dramas

Listening : Ad Astra Soundtrack

Eating : Pink Grapefruit


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