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A Wedding Workshop Oct 2023

Just finished organising and running a very successful 2.5 day Wedding Workshop 15- 16th Oct 2023 for Photography Studies College, PSC, with in my opinion Australia's best wedding photographer, Rocco Ancora. 10 participants, sponsored by Nikon, Borges Imaging & Profoto.

Thanks to Julie Kimpton at Nikon, Frances at Borges Imaging, and the models Mikayla and Taylor.

Special thanks go out to the great support and help by Rocco's team of Tania on Sunday 15.10.23 and Mel on Monday 16.10.23. Your time and assistance was just invaluable.

And thanks go out to the great PSC crew of Suzie, Ollie, Kat, Jax, Carrie and Dora for helping to make this happen.

Interested in Rocco Ancora's stunning wedding work

Interested in more PSC workshops

Reading : Robert Silverberg Short Stories Vol 4

Watching : Something with Aliens in it

Listening : The Thin Red Line Soundtrack

Eating : Scrambled eggs

Drinking : Lo Bros Pineapple & Lime


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