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City reflections in August

Night Reflection 02, © Guy Little 2021

Night Reflection 01, © Guy Little 2021

Spent 3 days over the lockdown working on SEO on my website, hopefully now to see if it improves Google traffic. As the Tokyo Olympics have started I at the end of last month I decided it was time to dust off my shooting of the 2000 Sydney Olympics and Para Olympics shots. So I have been uploading them to my Instagram site and putting them up on my website. I am sometimes baffled by work that I feel is ok that others really like and the images that I think are my best often rate far lesser in the likes. Perhaps I should upload rubbish and then become incredibly successful, who knows.

Did a artist copy work of some artwork in the studio. Done about 3 quotes in the last 2 days, while watching the Olympics. Finally finished Dexter and now need something else to binge watch. Curses, back into another 7 day Melbourne lockdown, I had to cancel a workshop and two commercial jobs I had lined up, very frustrating indeed.

Well the lockdown continues for most of August and business has ground to a slow crawl.

Parliament House, Canberra, ACT, © Guy Little

I entered the above shot of Parliament House in Canberra into the RPS Windows of the World Competition in London and hope it does well. Another shot using the Hasselblad SWC/M, gee I love using that camera, one of my all-time favourite machines.

Reading : Ringing the Changes by Robert Silverberg

Watching : War of the Worlds, BBC

Listening : Missyj Higgins

Eating : Pink Grapefruit cordial


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