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Last Masters MA Photography presentation given at PSC Dec 2023

I gave the last preseentation of my Masters in Photography at PSC today 13th Dec. It went well and feedback was positive. See one of the many comments received belw.


"The opportunity to view the work of Guy Little yesterday was extraordinary.  Merging photography with his drawing practice, Guy melds the two mediums to create intricate and delicate images where it is no longer possible to distinguish one from the other.  Each piece has been produced in painstaking detail, many requiring hundreds of hours of work, with some carrying a time log along the border in tiny Roman numerals.   The work is highly allegorical, representing elements of Guy’s experience of childhood, mostly reflecting the painful relationship with his father.  The drawings have been created with a Rotring pen allowing the artist to make markings in the tiniest of detail down to 1/10 of a millimetre.  This requires you to step close to the work and examine its complexity in detail and marvel at its beauty.  I would love to see these works in the original at an exhibition."

 Marylou Verberne 

Reading :The Disposessed by Ursula leGuin

Watching : Trying to find something weird on Netflix

Listening : Bludging on the Blindside

Eating : Scrambled eggs on sourdough

Drinking : Beetroot Juice


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