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A Linhof 612 panoramic modified slider in July

I'd taken a Manfrotto micro positioning plate and modified it to become a slider for my Linhof 612 PC II. It allows 120mm lateral shift left and right from the centre starting position. My idea was to shoot one shot and then slide it horizontally 120mm to one side and take a second shot and then stitch them together in Photoshop, therefore enabling me to go beyond the

6 x 12cm format. With the end result being closer to

6 x 17 to 6 x 24. However it basically means you have to put 2 plates on the bottom of the camera and this then makes loading and unloading a very slow process, particularly when I'm chasing the light.

Need to make sure I photograph over my own shadow.

© Guy Little 2021.

The Linhof plate is too big and has to be taken off when I remove the back to change films, and so I may switch to a Manfrotto 3/8ths so I can re load without having to remove the quick release plate.

Using the 58mm on the 612 © Guy Little 2021.

Well 2 weeks of July have been in Covid lockdown again and I decided with the Tokyo Olympics commencing on the 23rd it was time to re look at my shooting of the 2000 Sydney Olympics and Para Olympics. I hadn't realised how much I had shot back then, all film and I still have my record for the most number of films shot in one day. So I decided to build a section in my folio for the Olympics and the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games that I also shot. I've always been very happy and proud of those 2 bodies of work. Shooting cycling still remains elusive to me, its all about the right shutter speed to stop the motion but slow enough to get a sense of movement and I think my shooting of the mens time trial in Centennial Park for the Olympics of Lance Armstrong and Jan Ulrich are the best cycling shots I've ever taken.

Reading : Living with IT : A Survivor's Guide to Overcoming Panic & Anxiety by Bev Aisbett.

Watching : Dexter

Listening : Arctic monkeys

Eating : Crumbed Whiting


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