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Off to Ballarat International Foto Biennale Oct 2023

Erik Johansson (SWE) Head in the Clouds

Platon, Portrait of Putin.

Drove up to Ballarat on 14th Oct with my friend Luca to see the Biennale. Loved seeing the work, Platon & Erik Johansson were the standouts for me. So much to see and didn't get to see all of it in one day. My favourite was Erik Johansson from Sweden and his "How to fly" exhibition. Conceptually, technically, lighting, digitally it ticked all the boxes for me. Interesting hung and lite. Loved seeing the work so big and would just marvel at them. I'd stand in front of them and enjoy being taken somewhere. My imagination. I love detail and imagination. I couldn't fault the work. Absolutely loved it.

Platon was great and really enjoyed that. I was curious knowing he shoots on a Hasselblad why he cropped most of them down from a square to verticals. I would have kept the portraits as 6 x 6's. beautiful prints and portraits of characters. In some ways I enjoyed his more personal projects more. Had more heart to them.

Reading : Robert Silverberg Short Stories Vol 4

Watching : something with monsters in it

Listening : Ad Astra soundtrack

Eating : Calamari salad

Drinking : Orange juice


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