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PH0701 Positions & Practice December W 12 2021 CRJ

WIP Progression of one of my food ideas, 2021 ©

WIP Food sketch 01 progression of the above, 2021 ©

WIP Food sketch 02 progression of the above, 2021 ©

Pages 1 - 9 of my food project book, 2021 ©

W12 Topic 12 : Reflection,

Well I finished the first module P&P and submitted my food project book see above the most up to date WIP. I'm not 100% happy with the final food WIP and so will go back and re shoot bits and reinsert them. the lemon, plate, bottle will need to be redone and then the following will need to be inserted. Text, drawing and a few more ingredients. So I may have to extend the canvas size on the left and right and make it a bit more rectangular than panoramic.

Reading : Another inspirational book by Kate James.

Watching : Mr Church

Listening : Thin Red Line by Hans Zimmer

Eating : eggs on toast


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