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PH0702 Informing Contexts February W5 2022 CRJ

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W5 Topic : Power Corrupts. Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely REFLECTION

"Means putting oneself onto a certain relation to the world that feels like knowledge, and therefore, like power" (Sontag, 1977:4)

Select a single image from your own practice and outline your ethical approach.

I try not to steal images and generally ask permission and respect peoples privacy if they refuse. Sometime you can't afford to ask everyone in a wedding or a PR event their permission or you may miss the shot. I am very adamant about not using or copying the work of others, either sampling or found photographs or using the work of others. Apart from being unethical in my opinion it demonstrates a lack of imagination and creativity if you have to rip off the work of others or use found images as the basis of your practice.

How might you adapt your photographic practice (visually / technically / conceptually) as a response to this reflection?

If I consider the above work as part of my Masters practice then I suppose I could do more of it, get to know the producer of the pear and where is comes from etc. Use the actual roots of the actual plant that the pear came from and so forth. But to be honest that amount of control / authenticity would grind the project to a halt.

Are there any approaches / practices / practitioners that specifically resonate with you?

I like lighting, exposing processing and doing the post myself and taking full responsibility for it. I believe respecting ones craft and striving for excellence is very important, I mean if yo are not going tot try to do your best then what is the point.

Outline any ideas / visual practices you were particularly interested in.

I would like to become more proficient in paper sculpture so as to be able to use it in my practice.

Identify any ideas / visual practices that challenged / shed new light on your existing practice.

I can certainly see that my work needs a stronger foundation, a theme and particularly the why.

Contexturalise these in the context of your own photographic practice and the nature of the gaze within it.

As I am not shooting people in my masters the gaze is of limited use, although I work very hard to direct and lead the viewers eye around the image, by controlling the tonal values in the shot.

Outline / sumerise your independent research (eg interview or reviews of relevant practice / readings. ).

Ongoing on Japanese aesthetics.

What are your action points? Where are you going next?

Setting up to do a 3rd version of my food, this one as a flat lay translucence version. The onion. I'm trying t work out how to combine a flat lay translucent with a 3D approach. to try and bend a 3D paper curl off the translucent surface, like a layer peeling away or off it. Shedding.

Reading : Fiasco by Lem, again

Watching : Vikings

Listening : Sibelius

Eating : prawns


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