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PH0702 Informing Contexts February W7 2022 CRJ

Train station. 2022 ©

W6 Topic : Where are you now / Where are you going next? REFLECTION

"An artwork is different from an ordinary object because it is about something. Because it is about something it requires interpretation to function." (Danto, 1964 inyoung,2017)

"When it matters, people are prepared to concentrate harder on receiving it. And when it doesn't matter, photography always stays trivial." (Hodgson in Fotoboekenmarathon,2012).

How do you look at photographs?

I think there is much to what Hodgson when he talks about if it matters then it matters to the viewer. I am drawn to other artists who care about their work and take time and make an effort to express them selves. If the artist or photograph doesn't care about their work, why then as the viewer should I. You treat others how you want to be treated.

What matters to you?

A respect in your craft, photography, lighting, technique, concept, your subject matter, the sitter, how you present, display and communicate about your work.

How can you avoid triviality in a world dominated by images.?

Quite simply by caring about the work you do and putting in an effort and striving for excellence in what you do.

250 words consolidation of my practice on LO1, LO2 & LO4.

LO1 By doing 4 versions of my food project I was looking at differing styles. After this process I will access the effectiveness and success of these differeing styles in the foloowing ways. I will seek jopinions form those who I trust and also do a trial on my Instagram site and see which ones garnder the most feedback.

LO2 I need to spend more tie looking at the work of Gregory Crewdson and Murray Fredricks and their constructavist qulity approach most closely allighns with my work. I was struck by Fredricks comment on when at art school doing his Masters he realised that his landscaple owrk on 5x4 was cutting edge about 100 years agao. And that what he needed was a contemporary interprestation of landscape that spoke to him and still embodied the quality and technique that was imprtant to him. This is what I need to do, contextualise it to me and what matters to me. I aslo came across the work of UK photographer Marc Wilson,whose body of work called, "The Last Stand" I dound very interesting.

LO4 This comes back to what I was previously saying about needing to fit a contemporary fit for my work. I realise that much of contempory photographic practice is artist, and a deskilling to a certian extent and I wonder if conceptual art is not just a refuge of the talentless.

What are your action points? Where are you going next?

Setting up to do a 3rd version of my food, this one as a flat lay translucence version. The onion. I'm trying t work out how to combine a flat lay translucent with a 3D approach. to try and bend a 3D paper curl off the translucent surface, like a layer peeling away or off it. Shedding.

Reading : Fiasco by Lem, again

Watching : Snowpeicer

Listening :Tschaikowsky's Symphony 6.

Eating : chicken & corn soup


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