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PH0702 Informing Contexts January W3 2022 CRJ

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W3 Topic : Photography / Photograph (ies)

"Photography is a system of visual editing.... it is a matter of choosing from among given possibilities, but in the case of photography the number of possibilities is not finite but infinite". (Szarkowski, 1976)

Consider the intent of your own practice. How do you articulate this? What strategies do you use to communicate your intended meaning? How do you want your viewer to respond?

I'm still reflecting on Alison Rossiter's work, her idea of using old photographic paper is very interesting, that is very much Barthe's notion of trace and evidence. However the I find her idea more interesting than the final results. I thought her landscapes were very beautiful. I liked when she said that her, "work began as a lament." and then evolved.

Weather its my drawing to art I lock the viewer to engage at 2 levels, perceived in one way from a distance and then from a differing view upon closer inspection. I'm still developing the uncanny nature of my work in this regard and when the Freud book arrives I can develop this further.

Think about the fictional / constructed nature of your own photographic practice, identify the ways in which you do / might construct the world.

On the current body of work form my Masters all the elements are constructed, from lighting, props and the layered process of working tethered in Photoshop. I could make more of the props rather than sorting them from eBay etc. So more can be paper sculptured by me.

Identify any approaches / practices / practitioners that specifically resonated with you.

Thomas Demand, Gregory Crewdson, Skogland and I need to look at the work of Fredicks.

Outline / sumerise your independent research (eg interview or reviews of relevant practice / readings. ).

Looking at the work of the above and waiting for my Freud book to arrive.

Evaluate the development of your own photographic practice to date.

I am identifying my work more and more as the following

- mirror

- made

- synthesis

- representation

- constructed

Reflect on the peer / tutor feedback received on your current / future practice.

Symposium with Gem Tracy and Adrian went well. I liked Adrian's idea of white board of the no longer used ideas, as its important to include and talk about what you are turning away from and why.

What are your action points? Where are you going next?

Setting up to do a 3rd version of my food, this one as a flat lay translucence version. The onion.

Reading : Art can help by Robert Adams

Watching : Vikings Valhalla

Listening : JS Bach

Eating : chargrilled vegetables


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