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Presenting my Masters at PSC Photography Dec 2023

I gave 3 presentations to staff and sudents at PSC on my Masters work. Here I'm pointing out how I have represented my self in my work as a leaf.. I was quite taken aback on the response from showing my work, some people became a bit emotional upon my explanations of my childhood struggles translated into my work. I feel its important to lead by example and descibe the mistakes you make. The students were a bit suprised that I said I made mistakes and I said sure I just make different mistatkes to you that's all and smiled. Nearly all of the peoplde who have seen the work have been unsue if its a drawing or a photograph. That's mission accomplished to me.

Photographs by Anthony Polis

Reading : Dispossed by Ursluar le Guin

Watching : SBS OnDemand

Listening : Ad Astra soundtrack

Eating : Salmon

Drinking : lemon lime & bitters


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