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Printing my Masters in Photography Dec 2023

Commenced printing of my Masters, with Nathan at the PSC print shop. I decided on Arches Aquarelle Rag as it had a textrued surface. It is very similar to the Arches paper I use to draw on. so that when you look at the image you cannot tell if it is a drawing or a photorgpah as I am mixing the both in a interdisciplanery approach.

My work sits at the intersectionality of drawing and photography.

Had an issue where on some in the black banding occurred as the printer was struggling to render the black. Upon discussions with Nathan the gammut for the paper was exceded. I checked the black point info inthe file in photoshop and it was

R 2

G 3

B 3

so I adjusted the curve to bring the level now up to

R 23

G 24

B 24

This bought the levell back under the papers threshold and the black held fine. It toook 3 prints runs to resolve this issue.

Talking to Anthony about my printing issue.

Reading : Dispossed by Ursluar le Guin

Watching : SBS OnDemand

Listening : Ad Astra soundtrack

Eating : Sweet potatoes

Drinking : lemon lime & bitters


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